Jan 16, 2011

HP Creative Studio

Owh lots of things found in the website today. I just discover that HP has a creative studio and the supply is .... creative. Why I say that? Well some printer company provide a template for us to download and try but the image was not creative. Created for the sake of it's good to have for the company (you can refer Brother-printer company)

For HP Creative Studio, the templates are cool and use-able. Some of the templates can be downloaded. Whilst some required us to edit the templates at their website and print directly from it. We can print it although we are not using HP Printers. It's  mean, it does not check the printer model and serial numbers. I'm lucky because I'm using Brother right now.

Maybe next time when I'm free, I'll try it. What about you?
Feel free to visit HP Creative Studio via below link :)

by M

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