Jan 25, 2011

Hand sew??

Hey peeps

This is me in my new Agenda's dress during pre-wedding photo-shoot. Originally this dress was at a knee-length, which will make me look shorter when wear it with a jeans (even with a skinny jeans & 4-inch peep-toe heels). So, I need to shorten it to an acceptable length as shown in the picture.

The problem was that, I do not have any sewing machine to assist me. With that, I altered the dress with a hand sew. I need to sew a looooong cycle of two ruffles. It took me about three night to complete the job.

What a tiring job but the result was quite good. Since I don't cut the excessive fabric, I keep the balance of the fabric under the ruffles, the ruffles become bigger and wider like a blossom flower. It makes me feel even cuter and excitable. What a childish thought - yes I know.. hihihi.

Message for today: please get a sewing machine asap.

by M

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