Feb 17, 2011

PSP Casing

PSP iPhone / mobile phone / gadget felt case

by Rabbit Rampage

Nintendo DS / PSP / Camera Case - Cat

by Minifelts


 Not many people do handmade PSP Case. I just browse through the internet and found these cute items. 

The first one by Rabbit Rampage  and the third one are actually an iPhone case. Huhu..

The second one, by Minifelts is quite cute but it is in a form of small pouch. I'm looking for a case that can be attached or screwed to the PSP.

by M

1 comment:

  1. I did the same thing! My Samsung phone had no where to hook the cellphone charm onto, so I just bought a case and used that. I love charms, and it's a must have on my phone for me! ;)coques iphone 4