Feb 21, 2011

PSP Cover. Cute but fail :D

This is my trial of sewing a PSP cover.
It's totally cute but it was sloppy.
Not comfortable using it with the PSP because it's bit sloppy.
It's a fail project but I'm happy enough doing it.
No hard feeling when my fiancé said he did not like it because it does not sit still with the PSP.
It spark my challenge mode to do this again.

My mom said fabric and plastic cannot go. Huhu :)

front view
 Picture was taken in a car (at my lap) because I was so excited to show this to my fiancé and friends.
They were ooh ahh at the back seat :D

back view
I sew the button in a car (on the way to wedding) because the PSP was with my fiancé. So once I got the PSP, I measured the button to the correct place to sew.
I bring along with me thread, scissors, needle and ruler.

bottom view

upper view

inside view

upper-inside view

Overall front view

These are some materials I'm using for the PSP cover.
Fabric from Ikea
Colourful Button

by M

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