Feb 24, 2011

Thank You notes

For my wedding, we'll pay my brother and his friend for Kompang and Silat. They are all around 10 to 12 years old kids.

I'm using an origami sheet from Origami To-Go Note Cards bought at BookXcess, Amcorp Mall. At the back of the origami sheet, I print some thank you note to them.

On the envelope, I print design from Marthe Stewart free templates.

I had a problem with the printer whereby most of the time it does not detect the envelopes. It was a stressful moment but it will not stopping me from completing the assignment.

On the other hand, my fiancĂ© and friends said that the kids won't excited with the cards. Well, they were BOYS right? So, in a normal condition they do not appreciate art and craft. Huhu.. What to do..... I'm a stubborn bride-to-be..

How to spark the excitement?

Add RM5.00 to each of the cards.

What ya' think?

by M

Doily Tin from Marthe Stewart

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