Jun 13, 2011

The Wedding Card

 The wedding card for the Bride designed by my husband

 The wedding card for the Groom design by Graphic Gulf

Basically, my card is not 100% original whereby it follow wording from my ex-office mate wedding card. When I ask my other friend about this, she said it's a normal things for a wedding card to be similar.

What my husband designing was the theme, pattern and colour. We have to go a lot phases to select the correct colour for it - to suit my taste of course.

So if my ex-office mate who believe I follow her wedding card, I'm so sorry for doing this. (Ps: It's not nice not to say hi to people-whom-you- know when you met them. I've tried to say hi but you avoiding our (my friends and I) eye contact.)

I like my husband wedding card's colour. It's like harimaumalaya.com theme colour. But, his card and his wedding theme colour completely different. Duh!

Both our wedding card has a mistake which makes our parent dissatisfied like:
  • not so complete map
  • mistake in phone number
  • missing phone number

Uhu. What to do. We only notice the mistake when it has be printed. :)
I still believe that the purple in the wedding card was nice. :D

by M

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