Jun 21, 2011



What most best-est things about malay wedding is the hantaran. The hantaran  is a complete set of gift from both side. In a simplest way, our wedding required both groom and bride to exchange gift. The gift set must be in an odd numbers and the bride must send a higher number of gifts than the groom.

The hantaran set must be in either of these combination: 3 vs. 5, 5 vs. 7, 7 vs. 9, 9 vs. 11, 11 vs. 13 and so on. Our hantaran set is 11 vs. 13 but eventually the set's becoming to 13 vs. 13 when some people sponsored the gift. Well, we can't say no when people has already bought something for us right?

The hantaran need to be decorated base on both side wedding theme. My hantaran theme is purple whereby hantaran from my husband is maroon. Please be reminded that hantaran is not a religious but only a cultural requirement. :)

I'll share the hantaran images with all of you once I've got the softcopy.

For a meanwhile, here are items that we set as our hantaran.

From the Bride:
1. Sireh Junjung. Visit here for more details.
2. Quran
3. Prayer Mat
4. DKNY Be Delicious Men perfume
5. Towel (this is mandatory item for both of our mom. I'm not sure why)
6. A box of Chocolate from Cadbury
7. Cakes from King's Confectionery
8. Fruits
9. Shirt and Tie
10. Messenger bag from Puma
11. Maca Root Skin Care Kit from The Body Shop with Philip's Shaver
12. Shoes from Clark
13. Bunga Telur

From the Groom:
1. Pink Handbag from Carlo Rino
2. Women Watch from Fossil
3. Make-up Set from Elianto
4. A bowl of fruits
5. Sireh Junjung
6. Towel
7. Fabric for Baju Kurung from Jakel
8. Shoes from Elle Apparel
9. Prayer Cloth
10. Bunga Telur
11. A decor made from candies
12. A decor made from sugar
13. A decor from traditional kuih.

by M

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