May 18, 2012

iPhone App: Awesome Note


Today I want to share about a great app i.e. Awesome Note. This is a great app for people who love organizer.

Image from official website here

This app is best for its function that is you can create folders to store your note. Every folders can be named and differentiated with a variety header color and patterns. Apart from that, you can add a cute logo to every folder. Sample as per picture above. At setting, you can set default note background, note type and so on.

Different types of notes
There are different types of notes to choose and it will determine data entry interface and note display. The provided note types are Normal, To-do, Event, Anniversary and Diary. You can make the note types default for every folder. But, it still allow you to change the note type when you add new note.

Diary note is cool because you can add icon to your mood either you are happy, sad, cool and so on.

Photo, Location, URL and Tag
Awesome note allow you to add all above listing.

Beautiful Background
What I like about Awesome not is because it have an awesome background suitable for note writing. You can make the background default for every folder. But, it still allow for background changes upon creating a new note.

The layout is clean and it is very easy to use. The note is automatically save and at any moment you can share the note via printing, email and sms. As mentioned previously, you can change the background and font type and size. You can rearrange you not between created folder too.

Notes display
There are varieties of note display that is in Thumb, List, To-do, Diary and Photo. Apart from display the note in every folder, you can display all notes in folder All. So you not need to navigate to every folder, every-time. You can too display note in calender mode. It will arrange note according to due date and entry date.

It's so cool right? I love it so much. In my app, I've created 9 folders for Shopping List, Cooking Schedule, Office To-Do, To-Do (general), Party Planner, Lyrics, Miscellaneous, Travel and Comel (for craft things). I'm really obsessed with organizing :)

The app can be purchased at App Store here for only $3.99. Happy shopping :)

 Original picture from app store here

ps: All about Awesome Note here

by M


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