May 15, 2012

nearly similar name


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Trust me, it's hard to choose a great name for your shop/blog/profile and any other online accounts. A great name is a simple name with a great definition and meaning, easy to remember and unique. But, to stay unique is hard nowadays as we have millions people living in this planet. A million heads and million ideas to compete with.

So maybe.. maybe... that is the reason for some bloggers has a nearly similar name with my blog. Maybe... maybe... they don't google-d the name first because if you google-d it, my blog will come at the first page of the search engine. Furthermore, I've created this decent blog since 2009 with loves and passions towards beautiful & creative creations.

Or maybe..maybe.. they love the name so much because Cempaka is a general flower name in Asian. If this is the reason, I can't blame them as we can't stop people to love what they want to love.

Anyway, I'm not mad at all as I'm blogging under craft and art categories sincerely from my heart. It just a sigh... like 'hmmmmmmmmm....'

For those who read.. thanks a lot. It's really cool to share some of my thought here.

I wish-
Happy creating for those who are so creatives.
Happy uhhh ahhh for those who always admire a creative people creation (of course I'm under this category)

by M