Jul 4, 2012

Notebook Again :)


I have a lot of notebooks and organizer at my office. It's normal when every  year we change our notebook and organizer. However, some of the information in the previous notebooks or organizers was quite important for our job. And it's normal when we repetitively copying the important notes to our new book. Sometimes, we need to refer back to our closed book for some tutorials, how-to notes and minutes of discussions. All these things make me tired and annoying.

To solve the problem, I select important notes from all my closed book and tear it up. Then I recompiled it with a specific group like General Information, Project A and so on. With that, I only need to refer to one source only for important information. Well maybe sometimes I need open my closed book again but it's for adhoc case only. I hope so :)

I tried to design the book to be more corporate like. But corporate theme is boring and killing my nerve. So at the end, it become like this. Something that is wayyyyy too cute for office atmosphere. Hmmm what to do? It's from me who can't refuse cute things. :)

Patterned paper from MOOF for cover
Card-stock paper
Sticker purchased from Art.Friend
Doily Paper
Decorative tape - masking & fabric tape


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