Jul 3, 2012

How to Screen Capture on iPhone


In many months, I'm searching ways or free iPhone app to capture my iPhone screen. Mostly, I want this screen capture for blog posting relating to iPhone. and tadaaaaaaaaaaa, here are steps on how to capture your iPhone screen for free!

I'm using iPhone 4 with jailbreak :)

1. Choose Activator

2. Choose Anywhere

3.Choose Short Hold at Home Button

4. Select Sleep Button and it's done

5. To capture your phone screen, just Short Hold your Home Screen button and every images will be saved to Photos.

Hopefully this posting will help some of you :) Credit to article here. It's not exactly the same but it helps a lot :)

by M

1 comment:

  1. Hai... Masa saya pakai 3GS, anak saya selalu capture skrin game yang dia main.. saya pun tak tahu macam mana. saya tak intall activator pun. sampai sekarang masih tertanya2... hahaha..