Jul 15, 2012

Update on How To Screen Capture Your iPhone


Referring to the previous post here on steps to screenshot our phone screen, I think that it's not easy to use Home Button. Home Button standard instruction is to go to 'Home'. It seem that there is a conflict when we add function to screenshot our phone screen by using Home Button.

After some research, I found that actually there is a standard 'Take Screenshot' available in 'Activator', one of Jailbreak iPhone applications. It's more easy with 'Take Screenshot' if compared with the previous 'Home Button' setting.

Steps to activate 'Take Screenshot' as following:

1. Choose Activator

2. Choose Anywhere

3. Choose Two Finger Slide In Gesture. There is another option but I prefer this one since I've never set any Two Finger instruction for my phone. So it less confusing and easy to remember.
4. Choose your gesture preferences. I like From Screen Top :)

5. Select Take Screenshot and it is done :)

As mentioned previously, this way of capturing our screen is much more easier :) Hope that this posting helpful for you :D

by M


  1. Hi Mya, just wondering which iPhone model are you currently using? In iP4s you can actually do a screen capture by pressing both the off button (top right of phone) and the home button together. Hope this info is good for you :)

  2. Iphone 4. But thanks for sharing :)