Sep 20, 2012

DIY Craft Mustache Tutorials


Do you notice that recently, there are lots of craft projects/ props that use mustache pattern. It's cool right?! Nevertheless, I see that the use of mustache pattern in Malaysia (as what I come across) is limited either a mustache stick for props or mustache on a necklaces. Thus, I wonder, what more we can do and here are my findings :)

*clockwise listing
  1. Mustache Mug by Kandee Johnson here. A very simple but yet interesting project :)
  2. Mustache Necklaces ,made with clay - by Know And Tell Crafts here. He's cute :)
  3. Mustache Drink Topper by Julie on Etsy blog here 
  4. Mustache Pacifiers by The Paper Seed here
  5. Baby Bib with Mustache Pattern by Cheri Heaton here 
  6. Mustache Tote Bag at A Mess To Be Made here 
  7. Cork Coasters at A Mess To Be Made here 
  8. Mustache Necklace at here
  9. Mustache Key-chain, made out of leather by Katrinshine at Etsy Russian Team here 
There are lot more in the internet but for now let it be only 9 ideas okay. :)

Happy crafting !

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