Sep 11, 2012

Product Alert: Pop Art by Cufica

This picture is taken from the original website here


Have you heard about Cufica - Pop Art that produce canvas printing on Islamic subject i.e. Allah like above?
Please say yes as their art was so beautiful and so cool. 

Ahhh I really love it and this print really suitable for my home. So modern and fancy for people like me :)

But, but, but it was so expensive. Well, beautiful thing come with price right? They have some discount on the last Independence Day but my ka ching was only for raya and open house. So.. I'm waiting for the next salesssss.. Hopefully I have lots of ka ching when the sales was on. 

Now, the challenge is how to convince my husband to spent money on this? Daaaaa.... 

Anyway, click here to go to their official website. If you want a heartache, follow their Isntagram here.


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