Sep 3, 2012

Open House


This is my first attempt to do an Open House for Raya 2012. Wow it's exciting but super tiring. Since this is my first time, decoration was not a priority. The most important thing were the foods and the guest. However, I managed to do some little handmade decorations for the event. Not much but enough to add a little bit ME for the event.

Bunting with Selamat Hari Raya wishes
Crotchet yarn
Pattern papers
Masking tapes

Cookies canister
~I made two cookies out of four cookies. It's Almond London and Pineapple Tart. Hooray!
Satin Ribbon
Masking Tape
It's hard to find a great cookies canister. This year most of shopping complex come out with a very colourful cookies canister which I hate a lot. Lucky me to found this simple cookies canister. Thus I can play around with it. My hunting let me found a great cookies canister too at Parkson Alamanda. But it was so expensive. I'm not giving up. It's a long months to go before next Raya is coming. Better save some money now!

Little Flags
A little flag for banana cakes as has been posted here
Masking tapes

Three posts for a night! What a marathon!

I better stop now.

Till next time :)

by M
Cempaka's Art & Craft