Mar 11, 2011

Simple Design with Microsoft Power Point


Today I wanted to share with you guys on how to design simple patterned using Microsoft Power Point. I'm using Microsoft Power Point 2007 which is lesser feature compared to Microsoft Power Point 2010 especially on shapes and colours.

This pattern is currently what I did for the tutorial.

Step by step on how to do this pattern.

1. Open you power point and choose a blank page.

2. Go to menu Insert. Choose Shapes and select Cross under Basic Shapes.

3. Arrange the shapes accordingly like image below. Make sure you utilize the whole page even if it will go beyond the page sizes.

4. Save the Power Point as your master copy.

5. Save again as picture by selecting document type either .jpeg or .gif.

6. Open the picture using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. You'll see that all the image outside Power Point ranges has not included in the picture (auto-crop).

7. Crop the picture accordingly.

8. Tadaaaa.... you now have your own pattern. :D

This pattern can be used in many way such like this gift tag.

It's easy right? Without using all the fancy and complicated software available in the market, you can design and create your own pattern.


by M

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