Mar 16, 2011

Picture of my heart


Grand title to create the impact (what am I saying at this midnight time?)

Okay, now I'm doing an express posting.

1) Got a mail contain a photobook by Photobook Malaysia. I feel so great and happy about the output. The service from Photobook is great. A long time to download the software ( a very big software ) but it's user friendly and contain lots of beautiful inventories.

Now there is promotion that only cost you RM99 for photobook like me. The design is actually a ready design. You may go to my previous post about this matter :D. 

2. My project with the engagement picture fail but I transfer all the picture to this cute album. This album is small which I can placed all the picture without leaving any blank space. There are about 40 pages for special occasion pictures.

Only cost me about RM10 :D

3. My job now is readying the wedding invitation card. Actually the pattern is in purple but the editing and lighting made it looks like as if it was a blue instead. I'm trying my best to make sure it's folded still by leaving a heavier item on it overnight (refer to second pic below). Huh lots more to go!

I'll show the whole design later once the invitation completed. Let's it be a surprises to the guest yeah.

Okay good night and sleep well.

Wishing you a safe life especially people at Japan.

by M

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