Mar 8, 2011

Happiness Birds Packaging - Door Gift

completing the door gift part for Happiness Birds that previously made here.

Hopes that every one who got  it happy!

Notes to recipient :D
Font type: Giddyup Std

Happiness Bird

Hello, I’m a Happiness Bird as I provide happiness to my master.
You can add me to your life in a several ways such as;
ß  as a bookmark
ß  as an embellishment to your book
ß  to accompany your purse
ß  Or as your car accessories
What else? Ermm..I’m not sure because I’m only a bird.
But it’s my pleasure to serve you a better day in any way I can. :D
Chirp chirp

PS: Thank You for coming to my friend, Maziah & Faizan, wedding

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