Mar 6, 2011

my Photobook

Have you heard about Photobook Malaysia?
Well, this is a company run in Malaysia; that provides a software where we can create our own photo-book and submit to them for printing. Of course there are pricing involve with the printing depending on type of photo-book that we have selected.

Yesterday I slept around 4.00am just to complete my photo-book. I took a ready books package whereby the design already created for user. We just need to add pictures and some touch up according to your creativity. The price for ready books? I'm not sure but will call them tomorrow for explanation.

It's fun actually. Like you do a digital scrapbook.

Here are some of the page that I did. You'll see that they have all the background, frames, images for mix and match. Hihi I'm not confident doing this from raw.

by M

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