Apr 27, 2012

iPhone 4 Casing, finally


I love these two casings by www.iphonecase.com.my.


Polka Dot Silicon Soft Case for iPhone 4 4s - Red White
Price: RM28
After Discount Price: RM18
Silicon Soft cover case
Click here to go to the website


UNCOMMON Back Cover Case for iPhone 4 4s - Polka Dot Blue
Price: RM58
After Discount Price: RM38
Hard Casing
Click here to go to the website

I'm not sure which one to choose. Both of them is polka dot. One is red and one is blue. Oh it's hard to be soooo women. Everything need a judgement and analytical analysis before making a purchased decision.

My friend said that, if I'm now feel like a sexy and bold women, just take red. Whilst if I'm now feel like a cute lady just take the blue one.

Aghhh my heart says that right now I'm in a cute mode so I shall choose the blue one. But, the blue one is a little bit pricey. I mean, do you really spent nearly RM40 for a casing? Really?

I talk to two of my friends and they spent RM80 - RM120 for a casing. They are worsen than me :)


I order the blue polka dot casing. I can't wait for it to arrive.

Head over to Elle Apparel blog for Wall Map Tutorial. I think it's a great idea :)

by M

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