Apr 18, 2012

iPhone App: Bella Mia

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Update: I don't think it's worth to spent on this app since the app provider does not update the content at all!

Remember my previous posting about cuptakes? Have you tried it?
Another option for beautiful iPhone wallpapers for girl is Bella Mia.It's cost only $0.99 at the iPhone App Store.

If compared between Bella Mia & Cuptakes design, I would say that Bella Mia is better. Both of these two wallpaper design is girly and colourful. But at Bella Mia, it's more sophisticated, smart and artistic. However, the withdraw is that, Bella Mia not updating their collection as much as Cuptakes. For Cuptakes, the update is sent every month with a new wallpaper design.

Here are some wallpaper that I like so much :)


Hope you like this since it's hard to find a good iPhone wallpaper that are genuinely created for users. Most of the the wallpaper app available in the market provide a lot of collection but most of the pictures are the same. It's like they Google-d the image and took it in for their content. It's sad.

Anyway, from my personal point of view, I think it's worth to invest on this app. So that, you can have a great wallpaper for you beautiful phone.

by M

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