Apr 23, 2012

ZVSH - Chevron Hand Dyed Pillow


Hooray! I've found a website that sell chevron patterned pillows/pillow covers. The said website is ZVSH.CO and it's from Malaysia. The best part is that it's hand dyed and hand made.

I want the blue chevron [Hand Dyed Chevron Cushion Cover - Sky] :). Ah the colorful triangle [Hand Dyed Cushion Cover - Circus] would be great too.
Ehem..ehem...not now because I've listed all item I want to buy this month which eventually it will consume most of my money. Part of it are:

1. Shoes

2. Wrap Band Snood by Hana Tajima

3. Curtain by Ikea

Ok enough listing all of my shopping list. I'm not sure if I'll buy all this items because in the middle of it I'm not sure what else I bought.

ZVSH.CO sell a lot of other things too especially clothes. For more, hoop over to their website at ZVSH.CO.
Hoop over to their journal too at studio.zvsh.co.

They too offer a workshop for fashion lab,  fabric dyeing and fabric stamping. Hoop over to here for more details.

Glad that I found this website :)

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by Mya

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