Aug 15, 2012

Free Delivery for This Week Only - TYPO


Do you know that Cotton On offer a free delivery for this week? I'm so thrill as the online store covers all Cotton On brands which is inclusive TYPO. Not much product available for Asia Online Store. But it's enough for the time being since I'm dying to have at least one item from TYPO. Furthermore, it's on sale! Hoorayyy... There's a lot cute item too but I'm not buying it since it's not that practical with my life :(

Okay..okay..what have I bought? Taadaaaaa..

Spinout Pen Pack
Mine is in pastel but it's not shown in the website. Maybe sold out :)

Spooled Ribbon Small - bunting

Press Gang Letter & Symbol


There are lots of interesting things at the website. Hurmmm should I continue shopping??

by M