Aug 9, 2012

Packing my special delivery

 Picture by iPhone Camera+ with filter (cross process)

Just to let you know that I'm selling things from this blog for fun. I mean, I really.. really.. really.. love cute things which is totally irresistible. Every time I got the products, I kept most of it for personal used. My husband always said "I know you are happy if nobody buying your things coz you can kept it all by yourself right?".. huhuhu.... Indeed, it's correct :) I can't help it!

Another reason I'm selling some items here is that I'm not that super creative to sell my own creation. So, let just sell some materials instead. Can it be that way?

Since this is just a part time, fun-and-happiness than money motivation, I don't have proper invoices, delivery slips, return form and etc documents. I don't have a proper & standard packaging too. But, don't be afraid to purchase things from me as I am a sincere-cute-business captain. Howdie fellas! I'll serve you guys the best I can.

Anyway, this is how I pack for a special delivery to a girl who bought my cute fabric tapes. She bought seven of my tapes and I can't stop grinning for the whole day.

Picture by iPhone Camera+ with no filter

Brown paper bag
Gift tag (I don't remember from where I downloaded it)

A free gift to the girl. No... I don't do this... bought it at a flee market :D Hope that she like it :)

ps: Raya mode activated :)

by M

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