Aug 6, 2012

So Retro by Big Chill


These are all products by Big Chill Retro Vintage Appliance. Their products is base on the 50's in term of designs and colours. It's beautiful isn't it? Of course, something beautiful comes in a great price; which is not affordable for me :) hehehe

But, truly, surely... people on the 50's live with these designs and colours? If yes, I'm, envy with their life. It's so colourful. Lot's of pastel. Lot's of happiness. Why... I wonder why today's appliance are all in silver. Or black. You are lucky to have white electrical appliance. The major consumer of these appliances is women. Do women like grey a lot? I bet no! Or maybe the target customer is an oldie women who love to live in a sophisticated life. Hurmmmm not valid! Because youngster these days start working and earning money at early 20's. We start a family before 30's. Do these group of niche clients love grey. I bet not!

Maybe we are moving towards a technology world. These world is driven by a freak computer and gadget geek. Adding with a professional people who love black blazer, black trouser and white shirt. So it's possible that grey, black, and white win. Where the other beautiful colours guys...... ?.

Enough with rambling.. just hoop over to their website and cuci mata nohhh :)




- sorry for any grammatical error. it's my weaknesses :)
by M

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