Aug 27, 2012

Speak Now & Teenage Dream - The Complete Confection


Currently I bought these two albums on iTunes. I think that their music was great and I want original copies of these two albums. I love Taylor Swift so much and this purchase was mainly to support the girl. It's a worth spending.

I'm not so into Katy Perry so much but most of the songs in the latter album below was a big hit. If Taylor Swift focusing on a love and breakup subject, Katy Perry sing an inspiring and motivating song. It's catchy and fun for my ear.

Speak Now
iTunes here

Teenage Dream - The Complete Confection
iTunes here

Hurm... whats next? When browsing iTunes, I realized that I'm not into a singer so much. I'm more into a song. But, to spent on a song instead of a full album is a waste as one song will cost you around $.69 - $1.30 whilst an album will cost you around $7 - $12. It's saving to invest on album instead of songs.

The question is, what album is next? Headache!


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