Nov 28, 2012

Blogs highlight: Tote Boutique Studio


Today I found great blog that I need to share with you guys.

It's  Tote Boutique Studio :)  that sells handmade bags. Obviously, I love this blog because it's handmade....and the fabric selection and combination was super great.

I love their mouse pad. In a way of ordering it and I hope it's still available :)
OMG I love their iPhone wallet but it was sold out :( Hopefully the new batch will come soon for me :)

Urggghhhh their passport sleeve is cute too but sold out already. Never mind, I don't have any passport yet :) hehehe.....

Ok, looking at a creative people works really make me excited and energetic. I should take a breath slowly now... fuuuhhhh

See you later.
Don't forget to visit Tote Boutique Studio :)

by M

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