Nov 20, 2012

Cath Kidston's Craft Books Box Set


Hoorah... I got myself a very cute sewing book set that is Cath Kidston's Craft Books Box Set from Kinokuniya KLCC (RM119.90). Please noted that I bought it because it's super CUTE.

You may think it was expensive but it's not because in one set, you will get Sew!, Patch! and Stitch!. In the market, every one of it will cost you around RM50++. Apart from that, they give all patterns drawings for Sew! and a fabric with button and Cath Kidston label for one of the sewing project. Wow, I'm so excited!

Ok going through Cath Kidston's website is killing my heart. I wish that they have outlets in Malaysia :(..

by M


  1. hi...nak tanya..semua pattern kat cover tu dapat untuk semua 3 buku ni ke?..klau beli 1 buku tu kan dpat free pattern n kita boleh siapkan sendiri..