Nov 22, 2012

It's not mine :)

Hi peeps,

I love beautiful objects. I adore cute things. I appreciate great patterns. I dreams lots of colors. That's how I enjoying my life.

70% of my browsing activities are looking for a great articles, news, images, diy ideas and tutorials of these kind of things. Of course I posted most of my findings here as this is my blog and I called it as a personal creative directory. The posting is for my references and kind of appreciation which I should re-read it from time to time.

It's great if this kind of posting will get acknowledgement from readers. I would say that 99% of posting that shares some other creative people works or products highlights will come with links. People from here will go (should go!) to the original posting and of course they will get higher visitors (hopefully). So I believe that I contribute something to the original writers or the posting owners. I don't have the intention to get credits from other people hard works. I love them. I love creative people. I'm dying to be like them. They are my inspirational!

What I wanted to say here is that, read carefully and it is advisable to go to the original posting. Credit them if you like it at the original website. Don't credit me for other people works. I'm not worth I'm only sharing. There are great people behind the said posting and we really need to appreciate them.

by M

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