Nov 25, 2012

I have Cath Kidston's bag too

Hello friends,

Finally I have my own Cath Kidston's bag! Hoooooray..but, it is a HANDMADE! Yup finally I managed to sew it by following the instruction from the Cath Kidston's book as posted here.

The materials are from the book itself which consist of duct cotton, buttons and Cath Kidston's label. It was my first time using duct cotton and damn, it was so thick and hard to sew. It's my first time too, to sew a circle with sewing machine which was so tricky. At the end, I hand sew all the circles area. Hahahahaha.... Anyway, here is the result :)

For a meanwhile, my friends and I have engaged into a sewing class and the subject is 'Baju Kurung'. This class was held at our office every Friday lunch break. One way to consume our break time with a great activity :) Hopefully, I'm able to sew a decent cloth for myself (at least!).

Our teacher was great too. She bought the essential tools for us like below. Yup she bought it all since it was hard to find a any sewing store near our office or my home. Lucky us! Can't wait for the next class though.

Pssst... my Picasa account finally full! I never thought that I've posted so much pictures in here :(. So, every month I need to bear the storage cost to maintain this blog :(

Stay tuned for new masking/washi tapes girls!

Before I end this posting, let me share with you cloth that take my breath away. It's a simple denim shirt with embroidery details on the pockets. I want! I want! I want!

Picture from my Instagram here

by M

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