Jun 13, 2012

iPhone App: Camera+


Today I want to share about Camera+ that is better than original iPhone camera (I'm comparing the app with iPhone 4 camera). Features that make you'll fall in love with this app are:

  • Easy to use with a simple button
  • The picture was save temporarily at Lightbox where you can delete or edit and save it to Photos. With Lightbox, you can choose the best photos to save and remove all unwanted images.
  • When using the camera, you can use function such as Stabilizer, Timer, Burst, Touch Exposure, Focus, Grid Line and Zooming. For more, read here.
  • Once the picture was save to Lightbox, you can edit it with 15 modes which are Clarity, Auto, Flash, Backlit, Darken, Cloudy, Shades, Florescent, Sunset, Night, Portrait, Beach, Scenery, Concert and Food.
  • Apart from modes, you can add filter to your image. There are 3 filter group available which are Color, Retro and Special. In each filter group, there are 9 filters to choose. So in total, there are 27 filters for you. I love Magic Hour, Toy Camera, Tailfins, Faded and Cross Process :)
  • You can crop your picture to a lot of sizes. I always use Square to fit to Instagram.
  • There are 9 frames to choose. Most of the time, I will use Thin White & Round White.
  • From the Lightbox, we can share picture with our friend by using email, messages, Facebook and Twitter.

All images from AppStore here

Head over to my instagram account for my personal collection. I would say that 90% of the pictures uploaded was taken and edited with Camera+.

However, there is something wrong with the latest version (latest update). What I notice is that it took so long to activate the camera function. Then we can't use Text mode to add text to the picture. Hopefully the developer will rectify this issue as soon as possible.

If you interested with the app, just go to App Store and buy it for only $0.99.

by M

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