Mar 4, 2013

Heroes Malaya by ABSTRAX

Hello there,

Yay! I just bought Heroes Malaya shirts by ABSTRAX. I choose Tun Mahathir Mohamad for my dear husband and I. My husband really loves Tun Mahathir so much and this is the only online purchase that he really appreciated. Because most of the time, I bought only dress & accessories. Well, what man can understand about fashion? BTW, I can't wait the parcel to arrive!


My dad surely annoying with this shirts if we wear it at his home.. hihi because he is not into Tun Mahathir, UMNO, BN so much. Well, I choose it not because of the political agenda, it's just that we love Tun Mahathir :)

Other products by ABSTRAX under Heroes Malaya range are:

Credit to for introducing ABSTAX. The blog posting can be viewed here.

For more about ABSTRAX, visit this page :)

by M

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