Mar 18, 2013

Sewing Project: Large Tote Bag

Hello there,

Yay I finally sew myself a Large Tote Bag :) Patterned and instruction from Cath Kidston's book, Sew! I used to post about this book here and my first project from this book is here. Fabric from IKEA. Wohoooo.....

I would say that for a beginner, it was hard to understand the instruction. Like, what is seaming? buttonhole? press inward? Duhhhh! But if we read slowly, google-d every alien words and try to imagine the construction process, we will survive. Indeed, it was not that hard :)

Original pattern has one pocket with button at the front of the bag. I hate button installation process and if I want to use the bag as a shopping bag, button is a big NO NO. It's so fussy! Instead, I change it to become two small pockets, enough to fit a small notebook or a wristlet. It's more simpler and I loveeeee lots of pockets.

The bag was lining with the same fabric. I don't have any extra fabric that suit the main fabric. Furthermore, this is an unplanned project :). Inside, there are two small pockets. One fit for coins/keys and one fit for iPhone :)

ps: I took about 5 hours to finish this sewing project. Most of the time was spend to read and understand the manual and fabric cutting.

Here are some pictures of the bags :) Love it so much!

While understanding the instruction.

The size
Oh yeah, it's my birthday week :)
My husband treat me with a shopping spreeeeeeeee! The best gift ever.
I got myself a tunic blouse from H&M. The pattern is as above but the cutting is as below.

Then a new handbag from Charles & Keith. Something that I really want badly!
Hurm... what I don't understand is that at the website (online store - Malaysia), it cost USD69. If converted to MYR, it will be RM216.35. But at the store, it only cost around RM170. Maybe it's wise to just buy it from the store instead of their online store. 

Then a new shoes from Charles & Keith to replace my worn out office shoes. 
Hooorayyy. I love my birthday gift this year :) May this year be a good year for me and I should live more productively and enjoy every moment in my life.

by M


  1. Hello there, I assume your house is nearby DU eh, rajin na beli fabrik Ikea. From scrapbooking to sewing dll.... dah versatile lak kan.

    Keep on crafting!

    1. Hihi, tak de la, my house at putrajaya tapi memang rajin jugak ke DU..

      Sekarang more towards sewing sebab macam lagi best menjahit dari buat benda lain :)