Mar 7, 2013

Decorate Your iPhone Charger

Hello there, 

This time I wanted to share with you guys my project i.e. Decorate An iPhone Cover with Martha Stewart Craft - Acrylic Paint (Satin finishing)

Image from my Instagram Account

Paint brush
Acrylic Paints by Martha Stewart Crafts (pastel blue & yellow)
Glitter dust


  1. Gather all materials and charger
  2. Cover the lower part of the charger with a washi tape to avoid any wet paint. It was so easy using washi tapes because you don't need scissor to cut it. 
  3. Paint the charger with satin blue as a first layer (You need to paint it twice to get a better output). Leave it for a moment to dry
  4. Create a line (border) with with a washi tape for a yellow part
  5. Paint inside the border with satin yellow (You need to paint it twice to get a better output). Leave it for a moment to dry
  6. Create a line (border) with a washi tape for the glitter part. Cover it with mod podge and layered it with the glitter dust. Remove any excess. 
  7. Coat the charger with mod podge for finishing
This project was so easy :) & super fun!

by M

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