Mar 28, 2013

iPhone: Assistive Touch


Currently my iPhone4 home button does not working properly. To solve this problem, I activate Assistive Touch that come with IOS 6. I'm not sure if you can activate Assisstive touch if you use jailbreak because now I don't use jailbreak anymore :)

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This is how Assistive Touch look like. The home button appear at the screen and you can use it like your physical home button. Don't worry, the Assistive Touch screen is not that big all the time. When you are not using it, only one icon (its transparent like the above image) like the 'Gestures' will appear on your screen. The icon can be move around on your screen anytime you like. Once you touch the icon, the screen for Home Button will appear.

Follow below step if you want to activate the Assistive Touch.

1. Go to Setting and choose General

2. Choose Accessibility

 3. Choose Assistive Touch

4. Activate Assistive Touch

I love Assistive Touch because it provide a simpler screen capture function. Read my previous posting about screen capture here and here. From the Assistive Touch (Refer first image), just touch 'Device', 'More' and choose 'Screenshot'. It's so easy and very responsive :) I loike!

Hope this tutorial will help you if you are facing the same problem with me. No, I'm not changing my phone to iPhone5 since I'm not a GEEK :) The phone still in a great condition and I love it so much.

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