Aug 22, 2011

Polystyrene Cutter Again


Remember my posting about polystyrene cutter here?

Below are some of the outputs from the vintage cutter.

Okay, today I'm going to talk about polystyrene cutter again. I'm not sure why am I so into it but I definitely impress with this kind of machine.

Polystyrene cutter appeared today is so much new to me but it's not easy to use. Here is the cutter.

To use, you need to hold the cutter and click the switch and run through polystyrene. I said this is a hard tool because one hand you need to hold the cutter and the switch while the other hand you need to hold the polystyrene. You need to have a very stable and straight hand, if not the output will messy.

The advantage of this machine is, it's a portable and use battery instead of electric. When you leave the switch, the cutting wire immediately cold down which allow you to think and take a next steps/cuts.

This tool is most suitable if your design is complicated like a flower and so on.

Here are my work using this cutter. The words of this time is so much smaller than the words as above picture. I'm so stress out doing it. See that some of the word is at their worst quality. :O

Out of the topic, here is the progress from our Staff Movement Board under 5S project. Previously, I've post about the proposal for this board here.

Actually this is a magnetic item as we glued a magnetic sheet at the back of it like below picture. You can get the magnetic sheet here. The price is RM12 but if you are a member, you can get 10% discounts.

by M


  1. Salam, ada amik order tak utk polystrene wording warna merah mcm u buat ni? Boleh bagi quote tak utk Happy New Year! wording 15 kaki lebar 3 kaki tinggi. / 019-6103835 Hazri

    1. Salam,

      I tak ambik order. Ni buat untuk aktiviti office je :)

  2. Hi, how do u cut the inner piece of the letter?

    1. You run the wire through the word. No one will notice it :)