Aug 15, 2011



Aidilfitri is just around the corner for a Muslim. As usual, we gotta have a new cloth to celebrate the Aidilfitri. It's more merrier if we wearing a new and beautiful cloth. Well, it is a must for me. But it's all depending on the individual on how to celebrate the Aidilfitri.

I've received the polka dot cotton from Nini Ezai Anggun as per my posting here. And I want to make a modern baju kurung with a ruffles like below. (Don't you think it's cute???). Although, nobody has ever made a ruffles to baju kurung yet.

Unfortunately, the tailor said it was impossible. He required 5 meters fabric. Apart from that, he required a more soften fabric to do the ruffles. He only accept my order if it's a  NORMAL modern baju kurung.

I'm so frustrated. 
Because my husband and I traveled about 40km to get to the shop.
Because my sister in law said he can sew any baju kurung design.

At that moment, I wish I am who can sew anything!

by M

Ruffles Skirt Tutorial here

My precious cotton


  1. Hi! salam kenal..
    just an opinion. kalau x cukup kain, why dont u guna kain polka dot tu for baju only.. kain, match dengan stripes ke, or corak apa2 la yang look vintage macam buttonmybuttons style.. i can imagine, cantik.. ur idea for kurung modern ruffles ni really inspires me. i macam nak try buatlah nanti if u dont mind.. tp its quite late for tailors to accept any tempahan now ;D n i think ur tailor nak softer fabric tu, macam irrelevant je.. sebab dalam tutorial tu pakai kain macam cotton jugak.

    just my 2 cents

  2. Itu lah, maybe dia nak cepat & malas nak fikir pasal design susah-susah kot time nak raya ni. Lps raya nak cari tailor lain pulak..hihi...cadangan bagus juga nak guna kain lain.

    Hihi awak nak buat ke..x kisah. tapi kalau berjaya post la kat blog. Boleh saya print kasi kat tailor bukti boleh je jahit baju macam ni..