Aug 25, 2011

Doily Paper - Contributing to my 5S board


Quick update now! Coz it's already 1.37 am and I'm just finished some of my 5S job.

I use a cute doily for our 5S board and it's totally feminine + pinky (although our theme supposedly is peach). Reason for pink? It give me the energy and cute attitude when time is running out. All of the sudden, the board need to completed immediately. Urg...I left some of the information required for the board and only focusing for the important info only.
Doilies is important right?

Ok here are the pictures. Please take note that the board is still in progress.

What is 5S? Please seek a help from Mr Google. Some of my team and my work was documented here under label 5S.

I'm so sorry that the quality of these pictures are not good as I'm using my phone camera. :)


by M

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