Aug 25, 2011

5S Board / Sudut 5S - after 3 tiring days


Now I want to share what I've finished after a tiring days. I'm totally working hard for this board - non-stop brainstorming and late night sleep.

Last night I'm doing an Organization Chart with a heartache because some of the team provided their person-in-charge (PIC) list with a nick names. Hell, would they think I know all of our office staff? I can't sleep well because of the people pictures keep coming in my dreams. A lots of people faces really scared me! What a pressure night.

*picture taken with my sloppy hand phone

 Words cut from a pattered paper (MOOF)
(I outsourced this task to our trainee. huh)

 The output from the words

No, I don't create the logo. It's someone else work!
My husband did the two items below.
Apps: Adobe Illustrator
Printer: HP Colour Printer

 These too were my husband work.
He help me a lot!
 To fill in the empty spaces, I add some rectangles into it.
Apps: Adobe Illustrator
Printer: HP Colour Printer
 Patterned paper from Moof

 My phone can't fit all the boards. I'm not sure how to snap a full images for you.
Organization Chart
Apps: Microsoft Office 2010 (Smart Art)
Printer: HP Colour Printer

 Another tedious job with a small cut words. But this time I do it by myself since all other people were so buzy with their 5S too.
Patterned paper from Moof
 This is one of the time lines

  Unexpectedly, I do a flower from a tissue paper. 
Now, I do think it is weird to be in that board.
Tissue papers - Moof
Doily - Mydin

Fuh, what an exhausted day.
Sometimes my heart telling me to stop but I just keep working.

Ok, I'll update more about this project soon. I'll be missing in a few days as we were going to celebrate Aidilfitri in four days.

See you later

by M

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