Aug 14, 2011

Polystyrene Cutter - so vintage


As you might know, currently I'm consumed with 5S project at the office. The office has set up every Friday as a 5S day.

Last Friday, I managed to finish the polystyrene cutting. That was the most boring task I've ever done. It's not like a sewing machine. This is so much slower! Sometimes I fell asleep when doing this..huhu.

Ok I'm not posting my nagging.
I just wanted to share with your guys our polystyrene cutter machine. The look is so vintage. The machine is the most simplest machine I've ever seen. Well, I've never use any of it before in my life. So, I'm quite.... erm feel funny actually.

What is current polystyrene cutter in the market?
I don't know. I am too lazy to make any research now. Mainly because today is a laziest day in this week. SUNDAY!

Nevertheless, I've found this article on how to do your own polystyrene cutter. Go here if you want to know eh.

ps: have your tried edit your picture using picnic? it's fun!

This is the switch

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