Jun 24, 2012

Create Facebook Cover With PicMonkey


For those who use Facebook (FB), you will aware about Facebook Cover. It's the header of our FB account. Usually people will upload/choose their picture from FB and aligned it accordingly to the Facebook Cover spec size.

What if we do something different and special? The easiest way that I wanted to share here is by using PicMonkey Collage. FYI PicMonkey provide collage with correct FB Cover size. Furthermore, it's for FREE and FUN!

My FB Cover
(Click at the picture for a clearer view)
1. Go to PicMonkey website here.
2. Choose Create a Collage

3. Choose Collage Layouts and then choose FB Cover. Select any collage layout according to your preference.

4. Choose Images and then select Upload. Upload your pictures and it will be placed at the left side of the website. Click at the selected picture and drag it into the picture box.

5. Once done, save the collage to your PC.

Tadaaaa.... it's so easy to have a great FB Cover.

What are you waiting for? Just head over to PicMonkey and give it a try!

Sharing is Caring

by M

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