Jun 11, 2012

My CookBook


It's time for me to write down all my messy recipes and get organised. Most of the time, I got the recipes from my family and friends. Well, I wrote it everywhere I can hold on.. note book, hand phone and even on a newspaper. If I search online at the office before coming home from work, I'll just use a memo pad... So, it's a total mess.

I'm 28, unfortunately I'm new with cooking (except for instant noodle or basic things such as fried banana.. can it be considered as cooking?). My husband used to ask "what are you doing for the whole 27 years?". Ahhhh yup I'm a bad cooker!

To get organised and to ensure that my recipes won't went missing, I just made a simple cookbook. It's not complete yet as I'm not sure how to categorised it. Forgive me for skipping the title as my printer was went out of ink. Later later.... I'll update the new version of the cookbook okay?

Plain papers
Patterned paper from moof
Doily paper

*Pictures was taken with Camera+ and edited with Vintage Camera (both it iPhone app)

by M

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