Jun 1, 2012

iPhone App: Labelbox

Source from my Instagram (link is at the right of this blog)


Today I want to share with you guys about Labelbox. It's like you add a label/ribbon to your picture and type on it like what I did above.

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The steps are easy as shown above. First, take/upload the picture. Swipe with you finger across the picture vertically, horizontally or in any position (as long as it is a straight line). Then type your message and it will appear on the label.

To remove the label, hold the tape as long as you can until it dissolve. To clear all label, shake your phone. However, once you type and click done, you cannot edit it. The only option left is to remove it and re-do again.

There are 11 types of free labels with default font type and colour. There are extra 7 types of labels available for purchase at $0.99.

The feature is simple and easy to use. Only one step to make your picture different.

Interested? Get Labelbox for free here.


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