Jun 21, 2012

iPhone App: Goodreads


Have you heard about Goodreads? Well, if you love books you may notice about this social books group. I've heard about it but never care to join the services. Somehow today I register and happily engaged with Goodread.

Official website: http://www.goodreads.com/
App for iPhone (free): http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/goodreads/id355833469?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D6

With Goodreads, you can add books, reviews, and update your reading progress. Apart from that, you can add best quote from your reading. What best is that we can choose a lot of publication for every book we add (as long as there is any other member add the publication book).

Like other social website, you can add profile picture, add friend, follow other members, feeds of your following and friends and so on.

This is how it's look in our profile. 

From our collections, the website can recommend suitable books for us. Higher recommendation from the website to me according my registered books are Classics, Crime and Fiction & Fantasy. After registering all my books then I realised that I have read so many classic books. Well actually, it's my current obsession especially with Sherlock Holmes series.


Do you wonder how I manage to add most of our book in a day? Because the app allow us to add book by scanning the bar code. Once scanned, the app will search the correct book and we can add it to our account. How fantastic is that! :)

Anyway, if you like to follow or add me as friend, just click at 'Currently Reading Book' at bottom-right of this blog. It will bring you to my account.

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Just discovered that Goodreads too has e-book for classic collection and it's free :)

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