Jun 23, 2012

Decorating my iPhone Case with MT


Currently I'm a little bit obsessed with MT and always thinking so hard on how to use it. So this time, I'm decoring my iPhone 4 case with my own MT :)

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Image from my Instagram. Captured and edited with Camera+

Horay.. I'm not sure this is related or not but I successfully transform my messy-storing-room to a more tidy room. This is the room that I stored all my books and crafting tools and materials. And it's messy! After a year, my books become yellowish and I think that I shall unpack it all. I don't have a bookshelf yet. Thus I used three boxes and arrange it to look like a horizontal book shelf. :) It's look like I'm having a picnic. I need to find a center flower for the indoor picnic sheet asap. :) Love it!



by M


  1. 女子の子はみんな好き憧れのディズニー iphoneケース!可愛いキャラクターのiphoneケースを持てば、楽しい気分になります!お好きなあのキャラクターを探して見ましょう。ここでは、お洒落な女の子にご紹介したいのは、アナスイ iphoneケースです。洗練されたデザインがゴージャスに思わず目が奪われちゃう。使うたびに綺麗になる気持ちが嬉しいです。ファッションリーダーになりたいあなたの必需品です!!

  2. Assalamua'alaikum w.b.t. Cantik & kreatif. I wish I could do that too but I don't have any masking tape :( Boleh sis tolong suggest kedai mana kat Malaysia ni jual masking tape? Harap dibalas. Terima kasih~

    1. Huhu saya ada jual some masking tapes. Leh pilih masking tape tag at the right side of this blog. Kat pipit zakka store pun ada.... Kat kinokuniya pun ada :)