Jun 17, 2012

Modern Baju Kurung with Ruffles


As per my previous (long time ago) here, I really want to add ruffles to my baju kurung.

Ruffles Skirt Tutorial here

As mentioned in the same posting, I'm really frustrated since the appointed tailor said it was impossible to do the ruffles and he said that it does not suitable for baju kurung. But tadaaaaaaaaaaaa.... I found a tailor who used to sew a wedding dress and she said that the design was totally gorgeous. 

Even, her neighbors said it was so cute and made a request to sew the same baju kurung for them.  

Ps: For those who wanted to do this ruffles too, please ensure your baju kurung top is shorter i.e. above the knee. So that you will look taller. FYI, when we add the ruffles horizontally, it will make you look shorter than your actual height. And of course it will make you look fatter. :) So, beware of the ruffles effect.

I'm requesting for a cotton button from the same fabric to make it more fancy

This picture was taken during my sister-in-law wedding :)

Anyway, if you want the same design, just print images from this posting and bring it over to your tailor. It's easy to tell them with pictures. If you have made it, share it here :)

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by M
Miss Mya

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  1. cantiknya baju kurung awak!eh macamana nak tempah?

    1. Huhu saya tak ambik tempahan dear. Awak pergi je mana2 tailor tunjuk gambar ni... Mesti derang boleh jahit punya :)